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Social Media Marketing

Not enough time to make Social Media work for your business and brand?

LJL Business Solutions can help your company increase its brand awareness and build the relationships that will fill the top of your sales funnel.
When you have a steady stream of qualified prospects engaged with your brand, your possibilities are limitless!

Capitalize on the opportunities to:
* Identify the needs of your community
* Offer Solutions – YOUR Services or products
* Convert your Prospects into Paying Customers

Wondering how you can use Social Media to make your business more successful?

Social Media Services Customized to your Business’s unique needs and goals.

Our services and approach focus on finding ways to overcome the challenges you’ve faced in building a solid foundation for your brand on social media. Unlike my other marketing firms who treat social media as an afterthought, we put our full attention and effort into using it to help your business get the results you’re looking for. We understand that all businesses face unique challenges when integrating social media into their operations. For that reason, we exclusively specialize in social media and align it with your company’s overall marketing and business goals. That’s why we’ve been so effective at not only planning social media strategies for businesses but also executing the activities and tactics needed to fulfill them.

Social media for businesses

Your customers and prospects expect you to be on Social Media – don’t disappoint them. Let our Social Media Team take care of your Social Media while you take care of business.

* Regular posts to your Social Media accounts
* Provide quick responses to customers on your behalf
* Highlight new products and promotions
* Increase your following – likes, friends, and followers

Planning & Execution to get results

Because business owners wear many hats and have competing priorities, they often need to abandon marketing tasks in favor of taking care of existing customers. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone!
Unfortunately, that makes it extremely difficult to harness the business-building potential of Social Media.
Our comprehensive Social Media Management Services solve the problem! We not only develop a strategy tailored to your specific business needs, your target customers, and your goals. We also take on the day-day social networking posting and interaction activities. You can maintain an active, goal-driven, and consistent social media presence with us as your Social Media Manager. So while we’re helping you increase brand awareness, build your online audience and drive traffic to your website, you can focus on operating your business and service your clients and customers.

Our Services include:

* Content Development
* Coordination, editing, and posting to your Social Media
* Account monitoring and engagement
* Brand monitoring and building.